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Jump to: navigation, search is a portal that indexes military blogs worldwide. As of November 2007, Milblogging indexes over 1,800 military blogs in over 30 countries, including those written by troops deployed to the frontlines of Iraq and Afghanistan.



Milblogging was founded by Jean-Paul Borda in 2005. Prior to Milblogging, Borda ran a military blog from Afghanistan while deployed with the Army National Guard during Operation Enduring Freedom. His original military blog "The National Guard Experience" was written as a means to stay in touch with family, friends and supporters while on deployment. Frustrated by a lack of media coverage on the positive accomplishments of the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan and wanting an easy way to find military blogs, Borda decided during his deployment to create an aggregator site of military-related blogs from around the world when he returned to the United States.[1] The website launched in September 2005.

The website quickly garnered attention from the media and bloggers. By the end of December 2005, the website had been featured in several major media publications, including the Army Times, Newsweek and the Washington Post. In September 2007, U.S. President George W. Bush met with military bloggers, including two from [2]

Milblogging was acquired in January 2006 by, which is owned by



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