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Mobile Magazine is an online publication[1] which started in December of 2000[2]. Mobile Magazine covers mobile technology, including notebook computers, mobile phones, personal digital assistants, MP3 players, digital cameras, mobile gaming, and other portable electronics and computing devices as well as automotive technology.

Mobile Magazine is a registered trademark with the USPTO and CIPO, in the USA and Canada respectively, and owned by Pilato Private Consulting. In June of 2005, "Mobile PC" published by Future Network USA changed their name to "Mobile". A cease and desist order on the use of the confusingly similar magazine name and website domain was sent to Future Network USA. The print publication "Mobile" ceased publication as of November 2005 due to undetermined reasons and the domain name was transferred to Pilato Private Consulting. Outstanding subscriptions to Mobile PC were fulfilled by subscriptions to Maximum PC, a sister technical magazine.


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