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File:Mobuzztv logo.png
MobuzzTV Logo
Hosting File:Flag of the United Kingdom.svg File:Flag of the United States.svg Gabe Mac
File:Flag of Spain.svg Iria Gallardo
File:Flag of France.svg Osiris Martinez
File:Feed-icon.svg RSS MobuzzTV RSS: MOV
MobuzzTV RSS: Mobile
Updates Daily
Picture format Podcast
Debut 30 March 2005
End date 19 November 2008
Genre Internet and Technology

MobuzzTV was a vlog (video blog) that posted a new 5 minute high quality video show recorded once a day (Monday through Friday) in Madrid, Spain. The videos were designed to be convenient for viewing on mobile phones and iPods. They were downloadedable in a number of popular formats (including 720p High-Definition) and streamed via YouTube and MobuzzTV. Each program was available in Spanish, English and French versions, containing very similar content. These versions were hosted by Iria Gallardo, Gabe Mac (Gabriel McIntyre) and Osiris Martinez, respectively. MobuzzTV closed in November 2008.


Web 2.0

On the MobuzzTV website, each show is accompanied by links relevant to the topics discussed. As a proponent of Web 2.0, viewers are encouraged to participate by contributing interesting, useful or amusing links, videos and story ideas in the "Newsroom 2.0", and by posting creative comments for each show.

Content and Style

MobuzzTV generally highlights stories about technology and Internet-related topics that are not typically covered in traditional news media.[1] However, a variety of current events are also covered. The presentation is rather light, often funny, and sometimes campy.

Video content is released under a creative commons license.


Person From To Language Accent
Gabriel McIntyre 02008-06-16 16 June 2008 02008-11-19 19 November 2008 English Transglobal
Olivia Waters 02007-09-23 23 September 2007 02008-06-15 15 June 2008 English Received Pronunciation
Osiris Martinez 02007-09-12 12 September 2007 02008-11-19 19 November 2008 French
Susan Hickey 02007-06-18 18 June 2007 02007-07-30 30 July 2007 English Irish
Iria Gallardo 02005-03-30 30 March 2005 02008-11-19 19 November 2008 Spanish
Karina Stenquist 02005-04-29 29 April 2005 02007-06-15 15 June 2007 English North American
Emma Rebaldi 02005-03-30 30 March 2005 02005-06-30 30 June 2005 English
Anil de Mello (Founder) Ad hoc Ad hoc English Spanish


  1. Russell, Kate (January 19, 2007). "Webscape". Click (BBC News). Retrieved 2008-12-01. 



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