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Mochila is a web-based media marketplace for print, audio, video and photo content. The company currently collects and syndicates media from hundreds of content-providers to thousands of publications and web sites. Mochila members include The Associated Press,, Rodale, Hearst Magazines,, Scientific American, Getty Images, and

Mochila’s ad-supported online syndication enables editors and webmasters to embed articles, photos and videos on their web sites via Javascript or XML, similar to Youtube videos. Multimedia channels corresponding to niche content can also be programmed and embedded in web pages. Ad profits are split between the original publisher, re-publisher and Mochila. Embedded channels can refresh dynamically, like RSS feeds.

Mochila also syndicates content to traditional publications on a piece by piece basis, like traditional newswire services, redistributing articles and photos to newspapers and magazines. Sellers to the Mochila marketplace may set and adjust the price of their content and exclude certain publications or regions from usage.


A Mochila is also a bag made of wool and goats hair by the Arhuaco and Kogi Indians in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains on the north coast of Colombia.


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