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MojoMojo is a Perl open-sourced web application that combines the features of a wiki, content management system and blog. MojoMojo builds on top of the Catalyst web framework and uses DBIx::Class as the ORM. It is an example of an MVC application. One of MojoMojo's distinguishing features is that it uses tree hierarchies to store pages, a corresponding hierarchical data model to store page content and a nested set model for fast page retrieval.



The project was started by Marcus Ramberg and David Naugton in 2005 and has at the moment 44 contributors[1], 47 watchers on GitHub[2] and 15 code forks. The initial release of MojoMojo occurred on August 29, 2007[3], after which it was mentioned at the French open source conference Mediterranean Day of Free Software, 2007.[4] In early January 2009, the lead author, Marcus Ramberg, gave a presentation of MojoMojo to the Oslo Perl Mongers.[5] At YAPC::North America 2009, MojoMojo was presented to an audience of 38[6]. In July 2009, MojoMojo was the only 3rd party Catalyst application having a section dedicated in the book The Definitive Guide to Catalyst.[7]


MojoMojo has a modular architecture and makes extensive use of CPAN modules; as such, it was listed as #2 among projects with heavy CPAN dependency chains[8]. Currently, MojoMojo is the largest individual project on CPAN in terms of dependencies[9], being preceded only by meta-modules (modules that simply aggregate other modules for convenience and do not offer specific functionality).

Key Features

MojoMojo has a combination of features which make it unique among wiki software:

Hierarchical page structure

One of MojoMojo's distinguishing features is that it uses a tree hierarchy to store pages. By contrast, most other wikis use a flat page structure, which necessitates disambiguation pages. The difference can be visualized in the table below:

Tree hierarchy Flat structure
/geography/europe/france/paris Paris
/geography/usa/texas/paris Paris, Texas
/mythology/greek/paris Paris (mythology)
/botany/paris Paris (genus)

Other features

Below are more of MojoMojo's features[10][11]:

  • Built-in full text search, with external search option
  • Easy RSS feeds
  • Support for attachments, with photo gallery for image attachments
  • Diffs, revision control and edit conflict resolution via 3-way merge
  • User registration control and CAPTCHA anti-spam measures
  • Localization (currently translated into Catalan, French, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Russian) and full Unicode support


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