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Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Key people Jasmine Birtles and Moneymagpie Ltd - Owners
Type of site Financial information and advice for consumers
Available in English
Launched April 2007 is a website that provides financial information for consumers on a wide variety of topics. The site was launched in April 2007 by British author, financial journalist and television presenter Jasmine Birtles.



The site supplies information on key areas such as:

  • Debt - how to keep afloat, get out of debt, or avoid getting into it in the first place
  • Saving and investing - how to find the best accounts and the best investments
  • Money-saving - bargains, smart-spending ideas and ways to get the best deals
  • Money-making - methods for making cash
  • Families - how to save and get as much as possible for your money
  • Home and Mortgages - how to buy, finance or save money on household insurance

Other subjects include 'small businesses', 'students', 'pensions and retirement', 'tax', 'insurance', 'travel' and 'green living'.

The site encourages people to learn more about money, so as to take control of their finances. This reflects the tone of author Jasmine Birtles' books The Money Magpie, A Girl's Best Friend is Her Money, The Money Book: Control Your Money, Control Your Life and best-seller A Bit on the Side: 500 ways to Boost Your Income. Where relevant, the site explains technical jargon and suggests practical ways to make changes in readers' lives.

News, Blogs and Forums

Moneymagpie has a free weekly newsletter and several e-Books that can be purchased through the site including:

  • How to be a Yummy Mummy with lots of Money
  • 50 Money-saving and Money-making tips

Users can also take part in the forums, comment on articles and on blogs. There are blogs from:

  • Jasmine Birtles
  • Kate Bendix - on running a small business
  • Sarah Lockett - on recipes and food ideas
  • Justin Urquhart-Steward - on investing
  • Samantha Downes - on being a new mother
  • Hamish Gordon - on life in the fast lane as a racing driver.


The Moneymagpie team also provides content for other websites and publications. They provide articles for, for and for iVillage UK. They also provide content for the Daily Express newspaper and for the joint website Moneymagpie-Express[1].

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