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Current status active

mozDex is a search engine that is built on FOSS technologies like Nutch. mozDex is focused only on providing an open search engine. Since its search algorithms and code are open it is to ensure that no search results are manipulated by either mozDex as a company or anyone else. As such, instead of having to trust mozDex to be fair, it puts the trust on the community of users through the same "peer review" process that is believed to enhance security of Free Software like Linux.[1]

mozDex aims to make it easy and encourage building upon this open search technology to extend it with various additional potentially useful search related features. Some of the latest features added or announced by mozDex so far include social bookmarking via free simpy service, "did you mean" spell checking, anti-spam technology and instant crawl.

As an open search engine mozDex relies heavily on community feedback and actively solicits user opinions as well as encourages discussions about various aspects of mozDex growth.

mozDex currently has 3.5 million sites indexed and aims to add around a million new pages to the index every month in order to reach the goal of more than 2 billion pages indexed.

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