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MyCMS [1] is a proprietary web 2.0 modular content management system developed by webdesign studio Desk02 [2]designed for web agencies (to resell) and end-users. MyCMS is based on four key values: flexibility, extensibility, portability and simplicity. These resulting values mean MyCMS is used worldwide by companies for enterprise level websites as well as small businesses sites with a limited budget.

MyCMS is written in PHP and uses MySQL for its database. The templating system is designed to support XHTML and CSS in a semantically correct fashion for SEO and accessibility purposes.



  • Modular
    The option to use off-the-shelf modules or have bespoke ones built
  • Usability - AJAX
    No page refresh and therefore changes are made instantly with ease
  • Pages Management
    Site Foundry supports several of page navigation with the option to use additional menus wherever required. Text editing is via a WYSIWYG editor (Tiny MCE)
  • Media Management
    Supports JPEG, Flash, GIF, PNG, Quicktime, WMV, PDF, Word, FLV, Excel, Powerpoint & MP3
  • Templates
    Full XHTML and CSS support with the ability to content managed an unlimited amount of editable areas
  • Administration Levels
    Administration levels rolls can be created. Each roll can be either allowed/denied access to every aspect of the system from input fields to core functions and modules.

MyCMS uses AJAX, OO PHP, MySQL, CSS, XHTML, Mail Handlers, ZIP compression technology.

Server Requirements

Ideal server requirements (based on a Linux server)

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