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MyChurch is a Christian social network which was launched on September 6, 2006.[1] It offers a social network service for Christian churches that follow the Nicene Creed, with features modeled after those found in MySpace[2][3] and Facebook.[4] In addition to standard services offered by social networking websites, MyChurch allows churches to post sermon podcasts, have event calendars, and collect tithes from members (for a service fee of $12 per month).[5]

MyChurch's revenue comes from advertising and a premium subscription business model and has a presence of over 6900 churches.[6] MyChurch has been compared to other Christian websites such as (formerly GodTube) and Conservapedia.[7] MyChurch encourages non-Christians to join [8] while actively excluding Christian Churches that do not subscribe to the Nicene Creed.


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