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Developer(s) Translated s.r.l.
Initial release August 29, 2007 (2007-08-29)
Stable release 0.8 / August 21, 2009
Written in PHP/Java/JavaScript
Operating system Server: Linux Client: Any Web browser
Platform Web Application

MyMemory is a free collaborative translation memory. [1]

MyMemory was launched in 2004 as an internal terminology database reserved to translators under the name TMS (Translation Memory Server). In 2007 was renamed to MyMemory and search functionalities made available for free for all users.

MyMemory, at August 2009, contained 160 million translated sentences[2]




Users can search a term or a phrase in about 80 languages, results are presented in a form of a table. The relevance algorithm takes into consideration standard string fuzzy matching and a-priori probability related to votes given by users.


MyMemory is very similar to wikipedia in the way users can add, edit and delete translations. Registered users can also contribute adding entire translation memories. Contributions can be shared with all users (Public Memories) or visible only for the contributing user (Private) for his own reference.

Machine Translation

MyMemory integrates a statistical machine translation system and other translation engine including Google Translate and WorldLingo.

Translation Memory Generation

Registered users can upload a Microsoft Word file or an empty TMX and receive a translation memory with translations coming from memory and the machine translation engine.

Term Highlighting

If searching a single term MyMemory is often able to highlight the corresponding term in the translated sentence.


MyMemory has a "Hide Proper Nouns" functionality that masks proper nouns and brands from translation segments. This functionality is active only for Latin languages. Anonymous contributions are ammitted and an abuse reporting link is provided in every search results page.

Development API

A SOAP Webservice is available free to developers; terms and conditions for its use have been not published. Documentation can be found on the MyMemory API page.

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  2. Pontico, Giorgio (August 2009). "La traduzione è un lavoro di squadra (Italian)". Retrieved 2009-08-07. 

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