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Headquarters Florida, United States
Key people Ugan Yasavur, Co-Founder
Anil Girinci, Co-founder
Type of site Professional network service
Advertising Banner ads
Registration Required
Available in Turkish
Launched August 2009

myQick is a professional networking platform, founded in July 2008 and launched in August 2009 targeting Turkish speaking professionals and students all over the World.

myQick was founded by computer engineer Ugan Yasavur and investment professional Anil Girinci who are fellows from undergraduate education at Izmir University of Economics.

Primarily used for professional networking, myQick helps job-seeking-people to find vacancies matching their skills and location. In addition to professional profile and resume sharing, myQick offers blogging, classified publishing, interest groups, discussion forums, event coordination and messaging.[1]

Users can join networks organized by industry, city, workplace, school, and region. All networks and users have their unique URL which enables people and network administrators to share their professional profile and expand their professional opportunities.

myQick has been designed to give users the impact of a platform which is more professional than social networks and more social than an employment site. Its name stems from “kick” which highlights that myQick is the platform where users kick their professional goals.

Incorporation and institutionalization of myQick is in process.


myQick Premium Services

Basic membership of myQick is free. However, some functions like sending unlimited messages, advertising professional profiles, and seeing who has visited the profiles, can only be accessed by premium members.

Future developments

The myQick team accepts continuing development as its main principle. Following this principle the myQick team continuously improves and broadens the platform’s functions. Ongoing projects are instant messaging and corporate solutions platforms.


myQick career program offers unlimited income for its marketing team members by sharing 50% of its advertising income. It is planned to employ over 50 network administrators within the next three months. The number of contacts of applicants in social networking sites like facebook, myspace and instant messengers plays the key role in the hiring process. [2]

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