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MySQL Workbench
The Home Screen
Developer(s) Sun Microsystems
Stable release 5.1.18 / September 3, 2009; 140549114 ago
Preview release 5.2.14 Beta 4 / January 20, 2010; 128539514 ago
Written in C# / C++ / Objective-C (Depending on platform)
Operating system Cross-platform
License GNU General Public License or proprietary EULA

MySQL Workbench is a visual database design tool that integrates database design, modeling, creation and maintenance into a single, seamless environment for the MySQL database system. It is the successor to DBDesigner 4 from FabForce.


Current state

The (first) alpha version has been available since 14 September 2005;[1] the version was 1.1.10 and is not included into the MySQL GUI Tools bundle anymore, due to quality problems.[2] MySQL Workbench is the first MySQL family of products that offer two different editions. Being an open source project require all of resources and revenue stream, so to grow the core team behind the project they offer commercial edition on top of the open source edition.[3]. The "Community (OSS) Edition" is a fully featured product that is not crippled in any way. Being the foundation for all other editions it will benefit from all future development efforts. The commercial "Standard Edition" extends the Community Edition with a series of modules and plugins [4]


The MySQL Workbench 5.2 is expected to be the main release of the MySQL Developer Tools team in 2010. The workbench is set to replace the older MySQL GUI Tools, which have reached their EoL (End of Life) [5], and the 5.2 beta already unifies the functionality of the MySQL Query Browser, Administrator, Migration Toolkit and previous versions of the Workbench.


MySQL Workbench has been criticised for its use of proprietary 'MWB' file extensions.[citation needed] Workbench's predessor, DB Designer 4, used plain text XML files, which were ideal for use in a source controlled environment because versions of the file could be compared for differences with tools such as Beyond Compare. It has since been discovered that the .mwb files are simply zipped XML files with a new extension. Meaning that source control functionality is lost for sake of making the files slightly smaller.

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