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Type Private company
Founded 1999
Headquarters Kharkov, Ukraine
Industry Computer and video games



NETSOFTWARE was founded in 1999 by Leschenko Nickolay and Eugene Musienko. It's one of the first game development companies in Ukraine, headquartered in Kharkov. NETSOFTWARE designs and develops games for a wide range of mobile handsets compatible with J2ME, and plans to start working with iPhone devices. The Company has agreements with leading content providers and major operators of CIS countries.


  • Mobile game Bunker 3D: Hitler's Plan (2006)
  • Mobile game Laboratory 3D: Secrets Of III Reich (2007)
  • Mobile game Castle 3D: Punitive Operation (2008)
  • Mobile game Inside-Me: Online (2007)
  • Mobile game Spermotoxic: XXX (2008)
  • Mobile game Fatality: The Hell Tournament (2008)
  • Mobile game Russian Roulette With Popstars (2008)
  • Content management system CMS MyWAY (2002-2008)

Mobile phone game Bunker 3D is the number one hit of May 2007 on the leading Russian portal [1]. Just after the release of Laboratory 3D, The installment Bunker 3D gets in the Top 10 bestsellers of Q1, 2008.[2].

Content Management System MyWAY consists of core and connected major components (modules), which allows a successfully generation of big amounts of functions. The presence of a simple and an understandable interface makes it available and comfortable in usage of a number of clients. MyWAY meets modern requirements of information protection, it is stable against great loading. The system works on PHP and MySQL[3].

Structure of company

  • NETSOFTWARE.GAMES - works in a field of development and testing game projects for mobile phones based on Java platform (J2ME).
  • NETSOFTWARE.PROGRAMS - starts developing CMS MyWAY at 2003, and at 2004 begin to sell this software to Ukrainian market.
  • NETSOFTWARE.MEDIA - deals with producing of game projects and placing an advertisement in media bearer of our company (such called Product Placement at mobile games).


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