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NirvanaNET was a dial-up BBS network, started in 1990 in the San Francisco Bay Area, by Joe Russack, aka Dr. Strangelove (Sysop of Just Say Yes), Jeff Hunter, aka Taipan Enigma (sysop of &TOTSE), and Ratsnatcher (Sysop of Rat head Systems). NirvanaNet was unique among BBS networks, because member BBS systems agreed to allow anyone to connect, and access everything on the systems, instantly and anonymously. They also traded thousands of text files between the systems covering every subject imaginable. &TOTSE continued as a website until January 17, 2009, when it was closed by Jeff Hunter.

It later expanded to include other eclectic BBSs that valued liberty and privacy, including realitycheckBBS, The New Dork Sublime, My Dog Bit Jesus, Lies Unlimited, Sea of Noise, El Observador, The Salted Slug, The Lair (Boise, Idaho), Burn This Flag, and others.

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