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Naaya is an open source content management system built on top of the Zope Internet and application server. It is suited for people that want to quickly start a website and reduce to a minimum the need to refer to technical system administrators for its update and maintenance. Also, it is suited for creating networks of portals due to the integrated search across multiple sites, skinnable layout and support for creating self-installable toolkits.

It is released under the Mozilla Public License (MozPL or MPL) and it is designed in a modular and extensible way. It was initially developed by the European Environment Agency and several modules were added to suit the needs of other European institutions.


Source code

Naaya source code and relevant documentation are maintained at the Eionet Subversion repository using Trac as issue tracker for new features, bugs and enhancements.

Buildout scripts for the installation of Naaya are available on the corresponding repositories, along with some extension packages. Several custom Naaya distributions have been developed for various networks of portals with specific installation procedures, documented separately.


Naaya was developed and it is being maintained by the European Environment Agency (EEA) through its IT consultants. Although the EEA only builds the features needed for its projects, the consultants can answer questions and enhance the platform for its community of users.

Main features

  • Content management functionalities: cut/copy/paste, delete, submit/approve/validate content, edit, translate, check-in/edit/check-out of single items
  • Wide range of pluggable content types, starting from the standard ones till specific ones like Project, Expert, Contact
  • Powerful graphical page editor integrated, for easily creating HTML pages
  • Built-in publishing workflow that allows public submission, review and delegation of authority
  • Old version storing for files
  • Support for publishing multimedia files
  • Link checker with detailed reports on broken links
  • Versioning, history and undo support
  • Full-text indexing of documents such as Word, open Office and PDF
  • Indexing of the content using glossaries and thesauri
  • User management with the possibility to use other sources of users aside from the local repository
  • Skinnable layout: easy to create and change different layouts that can have multiple color schemes
  • Complete separation of the content (data), logic (functionality and behavior) and presentation (layout)
  • Upload notifications
  • Portlets engine
  • Multilinguality
  • Translation of each individual content item (e.g. folder, news, file, HTML document, event)
  • Translation centre for the messages and labels that appear in the user interface, with import/export of the translations in XLIFF, PO and CSV formats
  • Interactive maps
  • Comments on content
  • Discussion forum
  • Consultation tools
  • Survey tool
  • Photo gallery with automatic image scaling, thumbnail generation, geo-localization of the photos and bulk upload/download of photos from zip
  • Issue tracker
  • Powerful syndication tools to expose the local RSS channels and grab remote ones
  • Automatic export of content in RSS or ATOM-based formats (feeds such as latest uploads, latest news, content of folders, etc.)
  • XML exports of site configurations
  • RDF calendar of events from multiple websites
  • Standards-compliant XHTML and CSS
  • Cross-platform
  • Accessibility compliant
  • Navigation and updated site maps
  • Human-readable URLs
  • Expandable: easy to integrate other Zope products or write your own
  • Modular: possibility to replace certain modules


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