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Nando Costa (born May 23, 1978) is a Brazilian graphic designer and director. He began his career at an early age as an illustrator and painter after studying traditional drawing, experimental photography and painting at the School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage in Rio de janeiro, Brazil. In 1996 he began working with graphic design exploring the field in the printed and interactive realms. During his career Nando has published two graphic design related books entitled "Brasil Inspired" and "Disorder in Progress", both published by German publisher Die-Gestalten Verlag.

In 1999 Nando moved to the U.S. first settling in Atlanta, GA to continue his work with the interactive medium. In the years 2000 and 2001, Nando recognizably developed his own style as a graphic artist by adopting Adobe's Illustrator computer software as his main creative tool. At the time, his personal creative online space became the online showcase of his personal work, which consequently helped propel his career as a graphic designer. Over the following years Costa showcased a variety of graphic experiments involving a combination of illustrations, Flash and Music (the website initially intended to serve as a digital resource for graphic design students).

Gradually, his interactive work began gravitating towards the field of animation and in 2001 he began creating animations for on-air purposes, which re-directed his career to the field of broadcast design. His first work experiences in the field were at Iconologic in Atlanta, GA and Digital Kitchen in Chicago, IL. In 2003 he relocated back to his hometown of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and co-founded the animation studio Nakd along with his wife and creative partner Linn Olofsdotter & business partner Mick Ebeling.

In 2005 Nando and Linn moved again to join the staff of Boston advertising agency Modernista! respectively as a creative director and art director. At the agency he worked mainly with GM's Hummer, Napster and Budweiser. Seeking a different life style, eventually the couple moved to Portland, Oregon where they permanently settled. He worked initially as a freelance director and later jump-started his second company Nervo. Since its creation in 2007, the studio has worked with brands such as Microsoft, Zune, Apple Inc., Adobe Systems, Timex, Dentyne Ice, Mercedes, and Nike.

In early 2009 Nervo was merged with well established animation studio Bent Image Lab and Nando became a fourth partner at the company.

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