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Georgia requires proof of insurance and continuous responsibility coverage.

On Georgia, vehicle owners also lessees must satisfy minimum insurance coverage requirements within order to register and obtain license plates; or to renew, replace or transfer existing license plates, according to Georgia's Motor Vehicle Division. In order to validate proof regarding insurance, state law mandates that is vehicle insurance companies electronically submit new insurance policy scheme info, because well as "terminations, additions or deletions of vehicles from existing policies," to the Georgia Web Insurance Compliance Program.

Liability Coverage

Automobile owners plus lessees in Georgia are "required to maintain continuous mandatory responsibility insurance policy coverage," according to the state's Motor Car Division. Liability coverage must be at lowest $25,000 per individual with bodily injury, $50,000 each event and $25,000 per occurrence to property damage.

Insurance Policy Card

Insurance policy firms issuing automobile policies within Georgia are legally needed to provide customers with an insurance scheme information card to every vehicle insured and the insurance policy card must be carried with you when the vehicle yous becoming driven.

Unless some automobile is registered under the International Registration Strategy, remains legally self-insured or is covered underneath any fleet policy, the insurance policy policy information card, although required, remains not acceptable proof of insurance policy inside Georgia. To match the evidence of insurance policy requirement, the Engine Vehicle Department's tag and title database must have any "valid insurance policy coverage indicator" on your vehicle's record. The coverage indicator is added to the database upon registration of some vehicle and verification of insurance coverage. A valid binder away from a Georgia insurer indicating the vehicle identification number or some bill regarding sale accompanied by a valid insurance policy declaration page can assist as proof of insurance for a maximum of 30 days.

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