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New Media Strategies
Type Subsidiary
Founded File:Flag of the United States.svg
Washington, DC
Headquarters Arlington, VA, USA
Key people Pete Snyder, Founder
Industry Social media, Marketing, Public Relations

New Media Strategies (NMS) is a company specializing in online intelligence and word-of-mouth marketing based in Arlington, Virginia.



NMS was founded by pollster Pete Snyder in 1999[1] and recognized as a pioneer[2] in the digital public relations field, as the first to couple data-mining with real-time communications consultation.[3]

Seeing the Internet as the "world's largest focus group," NMS specialized early on in tracking the buzz of Hollywood films and television shows, eventually expanding its focus and launching corporate and public affairs practices.[4] NMS helps its clients understand what is being said about them on blogs, message boards, social networks and other Internet websites. The company also helps its clients engage in the Web 2.0 environment by developing blogs and Internet presence on various social media websites, and by coordinating online contests. Unlike competing intelligence firms such as Cymfony and BuzzMetrics, NMS combines monitoring for competitive intelligence with digital public relations campaigns.

NMS has positioned itself as an industry leader in online marketing ethics and best practices, publishing an online statement about its standards,[5] stressing community involvement and disclosure. Snyder told Washingtonian magazine in 2006, "Your connection needs to be honest, factual, and noninterruptive. To influence others, people need to know who you are and your reputation. You need to add value to the community or conversation."[1]

In addition to Hollywood studios, NMS clients have included Coca-Cola, Burger King, AT&T, Dodge and Ford.[4] NMS has also advised C-SPAN[6] and the presidential campaign of Fred Thompson.[7]


In early 2007, New Media Strategies was acquired by Meredith Corporation, a Fortune 500 firm traditionally known for its publishing and broadcasting holdings.[8]


New Media Strategies appeared in Inc.'s "Fastest Growing Companies" list from 2004 through 2006.[9] Snyder was recognized as a member of Fortune/Winning Workplaces "Small Business Best Bosses" class of 2006, and NMS has been recognized by Washingtonian magazine as one of the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area's "50 Great Places to Work".[10][11]

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