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Jump to: navigation, search is a news search engine, news headline and news feed provider established in 2000, by Michael Kynast. The search engine crawls several thousand prominent news media sites providing results that are neither weighted in favor of any news organization or censored in any fashion. is the first news search engine to allow users to search by source region of the news organization and categorize by news media type (Newspapers, Television, Radio, Internet). This includes allowing the user to search and display results by document parts, including document body, meta keywords and meta description.

The site is driven entirely by open source software. The search engine core, DataparkSearch, is an open source search engine written in C which is distributed under the GNU General Public License. The various database backends, user interface, headline editions, news wires, feeds and all other functions are driven by LAMP (software bundle).

In early 2004 began presenting lead news headline history from top news sites in a fashion referred to as region and topical editions. In addition a news wire service was launched by site, region and topic that provided RSS feeds for many international and top news sites lacking this service.

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