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nextBBS v0.4.6
Developer(s) Chris FR & Team
Stable release 0.5.3 / February 18, 2008; 189113686 ago
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Forum software
License GPL

nextBBS is an open-source Internet forum system written in PHP with some optional add-ons written in C and Perl. It relies on the AdoDb abstraction layer, allowing it to work with various database systems, including MySQL and PostgreSQL.



Development of nextBBS was started on August 23, 2004. Originally, Chris Ravenscroft, owner of, was the only developer. He started this project when Invision Power boards's free version became unavailable, with the announced goal to create a new mass-hosting solution.

The project team has remained fairly small, with occasional developers, evangelists and technical writers contributing whenever necessary.

nextBBS multi-boards is currently running in public beta at

Single-board versions are running medium-to-big size communities, such as,, etc.

Other organizations integrate nextBBS as part of their hosting offering, such as

In December 2006, Portals Magazine compiled the list of SourceForge's 10 most popular Web 2.0-related applications. nextBBS was number 5. [1]

Project Team

  • Chris Ravenscroft, project founder, developer
  • Vikas Singhal, documentation
  • Andrew Harmor, modifications


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