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nomee is a cross-platform desktop application that allows users to manage information from multiple social networks and Web sites within one interface. Initially released in 2008, the application is free to download and use and is built on the Adobe AIR platform. Users can import and follow Facebook friends, Twitter followers and selected individuals’ information from more than 120 social networks and Web sites, as well as tweet, post status updates and interact with other social media sites’ feedback functions. nomee delivers update notifications within the application when newly posted information is available and allows users to view, sort and filter the information within the application. Examples of supported sites and networks include Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube, Bebo and others.

Follow and Share

The nomee “Follow” feature enables users to receive information from individuals or topics of their choosing from various social networking sites and RSS feeds. The “Follow” feature includes:

  • Access to more than 120 sites in one place with immediate update notifications
  • Ability to easily import and follow Facebook friends and Twitter contacts
  • Capability to stream video within nomee interface
  • Group aggregator for more control over information
  • Real-time news stream
  • Control when and where users view updates

The nomee “Share” feature provides the ability to control one’s social media identity and the information that others see by customizing and then distributing cards with personal content for specific audiences. The “Share” feature includes:

  • Private customized cards
  • Public customized cards for brands and notable figures to share public information
  • Ability to comment on YouTube videos, rate posts on a favorite blog, keep friends up-to-date on activities through Twitter and more
  • Group friends based on how users choose to share information with them
  • Change a person’s grouping, automatically including the information users share with them
  • Add personal blogs and Web sites (in addition to Twitter, Facebook, etc.) by manually entering in the URL to nomee cards

Company history

Based in Plano, Texas,, inc., was launched in 2008 to develop software that addresses the growing challenge of managing and enjoying the increasing number of online social networks and digital news feeds.the company has more than 20 employees and is privately held. principle investors include Todd Wagner John Muse and Bennie Bray. The company’s flagship product, nomee, is the first application to manage the most important aspects of users’ digital lives, simplifying networking and make it easier for users to follow the people, passions and ideas they care about on the Web.

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