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Developer(s) Nuxeo
Stable release 5.3.0 / October 15, 2009; 355223005 ago
Operating system Cross-platform
Type ECM
License LGPL

Nuxeo is a comprehensive free software / open source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform. It has been designed to be robust, scalable and highly extensible, by using modern open source Java EE technologies, such as: the JCR, JSF, EJB3, JBoss Seam, OSGi, and a Service Oriented Approach. It can be used to develop both web-based server applications and Rich Client applications.

It currently covers the following functions of the ECM spectrum:



The Nuxeo project was announced in September 2007 as a complete rewrite of the Nuxeo CPS platform and a migration from Zope and Python to Java EE technologies[1].

The first stable version, Nuxeo 5.0, was released in February 2007[2].

The next version, Nuxeo 5.1, was released in August 2007[3]. Nuxeo EP 5.2, was released in May 2009.

Nuxeo DM 5.3 was released on 15 October 2009.[4]


The Nuxeo platform has the following parts:

  • Nuxeo Runtime: this layer allows the whole platform to be easily deployed on different Java application containers (a Java EE 5 application server, an OSGi container such as Eclipse, etc.). It features a plug-in mechanism that any component can use to declare extension points that can be used by other components to extend the former one.
  • Nuxeo Core: an embeddable document management core that provides the necessary low-level services to define, store, manage, audit and query content.
  • Nuxeo Enterprise Platform (EP): provides high-level content management services, including: indexing and search, workflow, relations, transformation, audit, etc. These services are provided to remote clients using several distributed computing protocols, such as EJB remoting, RESTful and SOAP web services.
  • Nuxeo Rich Client Platform (RCP): a desktop (rich client) platform built on top of Nuxeo SP.
  • Nuxeo WebEngine: a lightweight content-centric web framework to quickly build and deliver next generation content-oriented web applications.


  • 2008
    • EUREKA: the Nuxeo project was awarded by the EUREKA European R&D programme.
    • "PM'UP": Nuxeo was awarded by the Paris Region for its contribution for economic development.
  • 2009
    • Intelligent Enterprise 2009 Editors' Choice Awards [7].



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