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OVGuide is a website aggregator which allows users to find sites providing online video content. The name of the site stands for Online Video Guide.

Sites are submitted by users and selected based on editorial review. Once a site is approved for inclusion, it is categorized according to its niche content. Editor's do not review specific video titles, but look at the overall quality of a site, such as checking for enough unique video content, potential spyware, excessive ads, or other factors which would make a video site unacceptable for inclusion. Categories include movies, TV, general video, entertainment, online video games, education, sports, and others. A search engine developed by OVGuide called Relevis allows one to search for specific video content within a category, or across all categories.

OVGuide offers five main features. (1) Video site discovery, (2) video search, (3) content discovery, (4) community, and (5) personalization. The grid of sites allows users to browse video sites. A search engine provides video content results found on sites listed on the guide. Search can be done at the category level, or it can include every site on the guide. There are over 4,000 video sites currently listed and millions of video urls in their search database. Content discovery features include user generated top 10 lists, playlists, content browsing tools, and listings of real-time keyword searches (called OVBuzz). Users can vote and comment on the various sites listed. Video sites and search results can be saved in MyOVGuide accounts as a Video Playlist for later viewing. Playlists can be shared and subscribed to by other users.

OVGuide is currently ranked as one of the top 200 sites in the United States and a top 400 worldwide site according to Alexa. From May 2007 to May 2008, OVGuide was the 3rd fastest growing website in the USA among websites being tracked by comScore. comScore also lists them as being one of the top 25 entertainment / multimedia websites in the U.S. The October 2008 issue of PC World Magazine ranked them as one of the 100 most useful sites on the web. Time Magazine named OVGuide as a top 10 best new website for 2006. On November 15th, 2008, OVGuide's traffic exceeded one million daily visitors.

In January of 2009, OVGuide posted its first profitable month as a corporation. Ad revenue came from banners, contextual search ads, and paid placement of featured video sites. The following month, the company received $5M in funding from Baroda Ventures.

OVGuide participated as one of the exclusive live streamers of Leeza Gibbons' 'A Night to Make a Difference' at Mr. Chow, an Oscar dinner and charity celebration, which took place on Sunday, February 22, 2009. The event marked the first time an Academy Awards Oscar Party was streamed online to a live world-wide audience.

In April of 2009, OVGuide was selected by OnHollywood as one of their top 100 sites and a top 10 digital entertainment consumer service site. In the same month Hitwise reported OVGuide.com as one of the top 15 multimedia properties in the world. Kiplinger magazine named OVGuide as one of the top 30 free things available to consumers in their third annual Fabulous Freebies list.


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