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Okular showing a PDF in KDE 4
Developer(s) The Okular Team
Stable release 0.9.4 / December 1, 2009; 132858009 ago
Platform Cross-platform
Type Universal document viewer
License GNU General Public License
Website okular.kde.org

Okular is the document viewer for KDE 4 (although it does not require the full KDE desktop). It is based on KPDF and it replaced KPDF, KGhostView, KFax, KFaxview, KDVI in KDE 4. Its functionality can be easily embedded in other applications.

Okular was started for the Google Summer of Code of 2005; Piotr Szymański was the accepted student[1][2].

Okular was identified as a success story of the 2007 Season of Usability[3]. In this season the Okular toolbar mockup was created based on an analysis of other popular document viewers and a usage survey.

Okular has additional features, including commenting on pdf documents, highlighting and drawing lines, geometric shapes, adding textboxes, and stamps.[citation needed]. It allows to select a part of the document and save it as text, or in an image format.

It supports the following file formats[4]:

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