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omg! front page
Commercial? Yes
Type of site Celebrity gossip news
Available language(s) English
Owner Yahoo! News
Created by Yahoo! News
Launched June 11, 2007

omg! is a celebrity news and gossip website, run by Yahoo! News's entertainment division. Originally a news aggregator of celebrity news and pictures, omg! has since partnered with celebrity news media outlets such as X17 and Access Hollywood to not only use their resources, but to also compile their own features and stories. The website's name comes from the internet slang abbreviation, meaning "Oh, my god!"[1]

omg! debuted in June 2007 with little fanfare, with the original press release being published on Yahoo's corporate blog.[2] Upon launch, MediaWeek reported that Yahoo is hoping to skew more toward a female demographic with omg!, and that Unilever and Pepsi will be the sole official sponsors of the website.[3] Due to heavy publicity on Yahoo's front page and with its partnerships, readership took off, with four million readers logging on to omg! in the first 19 days alone.[4] As of autumn 2007, omg! registered over eight million readers a month, and is the second most-read gossip website in the United States, ahead of People and behind[4]

In October 2007, Yahoo! introduced an omg! widget, allowing readers to view the latest celebrity news as reported by omg! directly on users' desktops.[5]


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