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Stable release 0.7.6 / 6th April 2007
Operating system Cross-platform (web-based and desktop application)
Type Storage

Omnidrive was an online storage company with a single multi-platform product that aggregates storage into a single place, allowing users to access, share and publish any of their data and content. Omnidrive was founded in late 2004 and launched at the Web 2.0 Conference in San Francisco in early November, 2006.[1] It was the brainchild of Nik Cubrilovic[2] who had earlier been responsible for the failed startup MyVirtualDrive, a company with an identical product.[3]

With the free account users could upload up to 1 GB of Files. The size of files was not limited. The company website was shut down in late April 2008 after it failed to renew its domain name and the service stopped working, however in August 2008 it appeared online, with no official closure message.


Website Capacity

Due to its popularity, the website received heavy server load and often had problems.[4] On March 16, 2008, the website announced it is currently not taking any new members until April, when the website's capacity is expanded.[5] As of May 2008, this sign up page still referred to the same April date.

Omnidrive's Future

In December 2007, several bloggers began to raise doubts to about Omnidrive's future[6]. After Nik hit back at the blog, originally posted on ReadWriteWeb, suggesting the company is fully operational, Ex-CTO Phil Morle responded in the blog's comments, stating:

" far as I know there is no one working at Omnidrive today. No one is supporting the customers. No one is developing version 1.0. The Wollongong and Sydney offices have been vacated."

Bloggers have often discussed the issues the company had,[7] and eventually one of its major investors, Clay Cook, blogged his own discontent with the company[8], also referring to the company with the suggestion that it is no longer operational. Nik has since argued Omnidrive is on the way up, at the web address (cannot be cited due to spam listed URL). This URL also shows Clay Cook and several disgruntled users disputing these suggestions and also levelling several suggestions of illegal activity in the business dealings.

Current status

It would appear that Omnidrive is now defunct. Official confirmation has not been found, but news stories and blog posts, would indicate a new member to the web storage dead pool. The Omnidrive web page now redirects to NomaDesk, a storage service which allows synchronization, backup and sharing of files.


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