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TV Guide’s new Online Video Guide is a web-based application that allows users to search and browse professional and high-quality independent videos online. TV Guide positions the Online Video Guide as the “next generation of guidance,” claiming that it will allow users to easily search and find network-produced TV show episodes and clips online, much as its TV Listings allow users to find shows on traditional television.

Media Blogger Jeff Jarvis reviewed the new guide in his blog ( and commented that:

"It’s a damned complicated new dial TV Guide finds itself spinning. So I agree with their mission to find good TV, not all TV; we need a meritocracy of recommendations. I also understand their decision to go with the big guys. They want to serve a mass audience still (though the mass audience remains an illusion and some of the small TV shows being made by little guys are drawing audiences as large as those on big, old cable). They don’t want to provide a guide to flaming farts; the world doesn’t need that. And they don’t want to overwhelm people looking for TV online. So searching just the studios and networks gives them a more manageable world, safer and bigger."



The Online Video Guide is a free, Web-based application. It uses AJAX to provide a user experience. The underlying infrastructure relies on Microsoft.NET and Sharepoint technologies.

No videos are hosted on TV Guide’s servers. A typical online video search result within the Online Video Guide returns a series of thumbnail video stills. On hover-over, details of the clip appear, and the user has the option to click-through to view the full video, which resides on the network’s Web site.

Over fifty professional Web sites are scraped daily, including all major networks (NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, etc), iTunes, and cable channels (USA Networks, Lifetime, Bravo, A&E, etc). videos are cool

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