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Openbiblio is an integrated library management system.



Created in 2002 under General Public Licence (GNU- GPL). [1] It is written in PHP containing OPAC,circulation, cataloging, and staff administration functionality.

The system has been translated into Spanish, by a professor of Castilian, and is used in the primary school system in Chile. In addition, Colombia, Cube and Venezuela have expressed a interest in this program, stated Mr. Wiesterman of the Chilean government.[2]


Openbiblio is designed for small libraries. The catalogue format is derived from MARC_21[3] but records may be imported from other compatible formats. Versions up to 0.6 are not completely compatible with the MARC format[4].


  • User alerts via predesigned messages.
  • Control of fines for late returns of documents.
  • Statistical models for the use of the library and the material.


  • Loan. Administering users’ data, loans, returns, reservations and fines.
  • Cataloguing. Control of bibliographical records and their copies.
  • Administration. Configuration and management of the system.

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OpenBiblio home page on


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