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Motto Free Software and Free Knowledge for a Free Society
Formation 2002
Type Non-profit
Purpose/focus Educational
Headquarters Madrid
Region served Worldwide
Membership private persons
Main organ Assembly
Website OurProject.org

Ourproject.org (OP) is a web-based collaborative free content repository. It acts as a central location for the construction and maintenance of projects, focusing in free knowledge[1]. It claims to extend the ideas and methodology of free software to social areas and free culture in general[2].



OP was funded in 2002 with the aims of hosting and boosting the cooperative work done in multiple domains (cultural, artistic, educational...), with one specific condition: the results of the projects should remain freely accessible under a free license. However, not all the offered licenses are catalogued as free (such as several Creative Commons licenses).

Its non-profit perspective is partially imposed on their projects, as no advertising is allowed in the hosted webpages. Thus, OP projects have mainly been carried out by social movements, informal groups and non-profits. As of January 2010, Ourproject.org is hosting 680 projects and 2,291 users (project admins), with a constant linear growth rate. It has a PageRank of 6[3] and the 14th position on public Gforge sites[4], being the first of them not restricted to just free software projects.

Software used

Ourproject.org uses a multiple-topic adapted version of Gforge. Its aim is to widen the spectrum of Free Software ideals, focusing in free social and cultural projects more than in Free Software. Thus, its software was originally a kind of social and multiple-topic Sourceforge following the Free culture movement.

Licenses allowed

The main condition for hosting projects at OP is that the content created during the project must be released under one of these licenses:


OP provides several free internet services to free/libre projects collaborators:

  • Web hosting with subdomain (projectname).ourproject.org or Virtual Hosting
  • Mailing list
  • Web Forums
  • MySQL database
  • permanent file archival (FTP)
  • Wiki [5]
  • Web-administration
  • E-mail Alias @users.ourproject.org
  • Periodical full backups
  • For software projects: SCM (CVS, SVN)

Other secondary services:

  • Task management
  • News service
  • Documentation management
  • Surveys
  • Registring
  • File publication system
  • Stats

Some examples

Some well-known projects hosted in ourproject.org:

Cooperation & NGO
Free Knowledge
Green cooperative
Artistic activism

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