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The PHPClasses repository is a website with freely distributable Web programming components in the form of PHP classes of objects. It was launched in June 1999[1] by Manuel Lemos as a means of distributing his own classes of PHP objects. Soon after it was launched, the repository was opened for contribution from other authors.[2]

It is the most popular repository for PHP scripts according to Alexa[3]. As of May 2009, over 4600 packages were submitted to the site by more than 2400 contributing authors. The number of submitted packages and authors is listed in the site statistics page, which is updated automatically every day.

Authors are free to submit their own packages without any special requirements in terms of code formatting style. Only packages that provide functionality implemented by classes of PHP objects are accepted.

The site keeps track of the downloads of each package made by logged users. The information about which users downloaded a package can be used to notify those users when the package is updated by the author, except for users who do not want to be notified. The site also builds top download charts to let authors and users know which are the most popular packages.[4]

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