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Initial release July 1, 2007 (2007-07-01)
Stable release Version 3 / April 30, 2009; 151348038 ago
Written in PHP
Operating system Unix, Linux
Development status Active
Type Media Sharing CMS

PHPmotion is a free-to-use video sharing content management system, written in PHP and using MySQL databases and ffmpeg. PHPmotion does not require payment to use, but a "Powered by PHPmotion" link is required unless a fee is paid. The software provides the average person the ability to have their own video sharing website. PHPmotion supports many different video formats as well as audio formats that include mpg, avi, divx, mp3 and wma.



The following is a list of some features that are included with PHPMotion.

  • Uploading, managing, and deletion of videos and audio files
  • Embedding of videos
  • Creation and management of groups and member profiles
  • Internal email messaging


PHP motion software requires a Linux or Unix server that runs PHP 4.3 or above and MySQL. Additional requirements can be found on the website.

Milestone Releases

The demo website went live on June 21, 2007, a week before the first beta release of the software.

Version Release date Notes
v1.1 July 1, 2007 Beta
v2 January 24, 2008 Beta
v2 February 22, 2008 Release Candidate
v2 April 29, 2008 Final (Stable) release
v3 March 12, 2009 Beta (Limited release, selected participants only)
v3 April 30, 2009 Final (Stable) release

Current status

Currently PHPmotion has over 100,000 webmasters that have downloaded the software world wide and the software has been customized in over 35 different languages.

Related Products

There are a variety of products that are made to be used in conjunction with PHPmotion software. These products enhance the usability, functionality, and aesthetics of the software. For example, VIDEOGRABBER PLUS+ allows users to easily retrieve authorized videos to use on their websites from other websites such as and myspace. InviteMyContacts allows PHPmotion users the ability to instantly import contacts from their email accounts like hotmail, gmail, and yahoo. MassUploader(FTP) allows PHPmotion users to do bulk uploads and conversions of videos and auto-generate title, descriptions, and tags.

PHPmotion templates

PHPmotion templates was launched in June 2008 to provide PHPmotion users an easy way to modify and customize the look and aesthetics of their website. Users are able to choose from an assortment of templates based on a variety of themes.


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