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Panorama Viewer
Screenshot of the Panorama Viewer.
Developer(s) StarSystems
Stable release 1.0 / August, 2008
Operating system Cross-platform
Available in English
Development status Stable
Website [2]

The Panorama Viewer is a Flash application used to display 360° panoramas on the internet. Using XML, it allows anyone with a digital camera 360° to create audio and visual interactive panoramas, with the ability to add sounds, buttons onto pictures and other flash files.

How it works

The Panorama Viewer can be implemented as any other usual Flash file with object and embed tags. It simulates the flat 360° panorama picture into interactivity. It can be used with Lightbox++ to have it in the magnified Lightbox window.


The Panorama Viewer allows the creation of High Resolution pictures with a maximum height of 2880pixels. It simulates a 360° sound with panning in stereo, so different sound sources can be placed onto a 360° panorama, consisting of at least three separate pictures. The user can create objects (go-buttons, info-buttons, flash-objects) and place them onto that panorama.

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