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Paradigm multiparadigm - macro, object-oriented
Appeared in since 1997
Designed by Konstantin Morshnev (Art. Lebedev Studio)
Developer Alexander Petrosyan (Art. Lebedev Studio)
Stable release 3.3.0 (September 4, 2008)
Typing discipline dynamic
Influenced by Perl
OS Cross-platform - Windows, Unix-like
License GPL

Parser is a free server-side CGI web scripting language developed by Art. Lebedev Studio and released under the GPL.

Originally, Parser was merely a simple macro processing language. The latest 3rd revision (March 2006) introduced object oriented programming features.

The compiler for the language was developed in C++ by studio employees Konstantin Morshnev and Alexander Petrosyan to automate often repeated tasks, especially maintenance of already existing websites. It was used in many web projects of the studio. Since revision 3 it was released as free software and it is now used in other websites, mostly in Russia (according to a partial list at the language's website).

The language supports technologies needed for common web design tasks: XML, Document Object Model, Perl Compatible Regular Expressions and others.

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