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Pay Per Sale or PPS (Sometimes referred to as Cost per Sale or CPS) is an online advertisement pricing system where the publisher or website owner is paid on the basis of the number of sales that are directly generated by an advertisement. It is a variant of the CPA (Cost Per Action) model where the advertiser pays the publisher/website only and in proportion to the number of actions committed by the readers or visitors to the website.

In many cases it's not practical to track all the sales generated by an advertisement, however it is more easily tracked for full online transactions, such as for selling songs directly on the internet. Unique identifiers, which can be stored in cookies or included in the URL, are used to track the movement of the prospective buyer to ensure that all such sales are attributed to the advertisement in question.

CPS belongs to the larger family of CPA, which is different from Cost Per Impression where advertisers have to pay every time their advertisement is displayed, irrespective of whether the display created any action on the part of reader or visitor to the website or not.

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