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Developer(s) CTdeveloping, LLC
Operating system Cross-platform, Any with a web browser (Web-based application)
Development status Active
Type PDF Software
License N/A
Website http://www.pdfescape.com

PDFescape is a free of charge web-based PDF editor program written in JavaScript, HTML, CSS and ASP. It features PDF editing, form filling, page arrangement, printing, saving, , etc.

PDFescape offers online storage of PDF documents for a limited time.

PDFescape can be used with all common browsers such Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

The first release was published on February 20, 2007[1].

PDFescape has been reviewed by notable websites such as Cnet[2] and Lifehacker[3].



PDF documents can be opened within the application itself or imported through the web interface. Open documents can be modified using a set of tools similar to those found in commercial PDF applications such as Adobe Acrobat.

Unlike Adobe Reader, PDFescape allows files to be modified as well as viewed.

The following features are available free of charge[4]:

  • Open PDF Files from local computer and web
  • Fill Out PDF Forms using PDF form fields
  • Edit PDF files & forms
    • Add Text & Shapes to PDF files, allowing customization & markup of PDF
    • Move & Delete Pages in PDF files
    • Insert Links to other websites & pages in your PDF files
    • Create New Form Fields, allowing others to easily fill out your PDF forms
    • Edit Existing Content using whiteout tools
  • Save PDF files to local computer and online account
  • Print PDF files without installing any software
  • Email PDF files
  • Share & Collaborate on PDF documents

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