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Type Corporation
Founded 2006
Founder(s) Amiad Solomon
Headquarters New York, NY
Petah Tikva, Israel (R&D Center)
Industry Online Advertising
Employees 50[1]

Peer39, Inc. is an online semantic advertising company based in New York City, with research and development facilities in Israel. Peer39 claims to improve the relevance of advertising on Internet publisher websites. In July 2008, Peer39 was named one of Ten Web Startups to Watch[2] by MIT's Technology Review. Also in July 2008, the company was chosen by the Silicon Valley venture organization ‘AlwaysOn’ as one of the top 250 private technology companies in the world.[3] Subsequently, AlwaysOn selected Peer39 for its 2009 OnMedia 100 List.[4]



Peer39 was founded in early 2006. The company has raised venture financing from Canaan Partners, Evergreen Venture Parters, JPMorgan, and Dawntreader Ventures, and Silicon Valley Bank.[5] Members of the company’s advisory board include Gordon Crovitz, a former publisher of the Wall Street Journal and executive vice president of Dow Jones & Company; Daniel Jaye, former president of behavioral targeting at Tacoda; and Eytan Elbaz, a founding member of Applied Semantics.[6]

The founder and CEO of Peer39 is Amiad Solomon. Prior to Peer39, Solomon was a sales and business development executive at IDX Systems (acquired by General Electric). Solomon is also a member of the Software and Information Industry Association's Content Board.[7]

Relation to the Semantic Web

Peer39 claims to use semantic technology to achieve interpretation of web content so that a "proper" URL can be defined.


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