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Perl Shell
Stable release 1.8.1 / July 20, 2007; 207591505 ago
Operating system Various
License GNU General Public License and Artistic License

The Perl Shell (psh) is a command line environment that can be used as the user's primary post-login shell on Unix-like operating systems.

Being itself written in Perl, psh can also be used under Microsoft Windows (with or without Cygwin or Interix) and other operating systems. Packages are available for Linux distributions like Gentoo and Ubuntu, though on most systems it can be installed from CPAN by simply issuing the following command:

perl -MCPAN -e 'install Psh'



Perl Shell combines aspects of bash (and other Unix shells) with the power of Perl scripting.

Code examples

ls | s/y/k/                    # Substitution via PCRE.
ls | { print ++$i, ": $_"; }q  # Iterate over lines.
netstat | { $_[1]>2; }g        # Grep-ish.

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