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Pimki is a PIM derived from the Ruby-based Wiki-clone, Instiki, written and maintained by Assaph Mehr. It is "the place to dump your brain, organise your thoughts and Get Things Done." The software is easy to use, and may be installed in a manner similar to Instiki, or it can be installed using the RubyGems package manager. It shares many of Instiki's features, but has some new ones of its own, including:

  • A Mind Map (provided GraphViz is installed)
  • An integrated Bliki
  • Linking between multiple wikis
  • A TODO list
  • Improved mechanism for deleting and renaming pages.
  • A customizable left-side menu.
  • A search function, along with an advanced search.
  • A glossary page for acronyms within the wiki.
  • The addition of a Favicon.

Pimki2, the next version of Pimki is also under development. New features include Hyperbolic Mind Maps, usage of AJAX, page templates and autolinking.

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