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Like the term plain old Java object (POJO) in the Java world, the term Plain Old C/C++ object or its acronym POCO means a C/C++ artifact that is neither defined by nor coupled to the underlying C/C++ component framework that manipulates it. Examples of such an artifact include, for instance, instances of a C++ classes, K&R structs, unions, or even functions (as function pointers). This is contrast to component model in classic C/C++ component frameworks, such as OMG-CCM, JTRS-SCA core framework (CF), OpenSOA's SCA for C++. These classic component frameworks either dedicate a proprietary component programming model (a super class), or mandate component implementations to be tightly coupled to the underlying framework (calling its runtime).

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  • PocoCapsule/C++ An open source C++ component framework supporting plain old C++ objects.

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