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Podsafe Music Network, or PMN, is currently the primary archive of podsafe music (music available for use in podcasting without significant licensing difficulties) on the internet. It was established by PodShow, a podcast production company founded by Adam Curry and Ron Bloom, in the summer of 2005. The network's website provides tools for musicians and for podcasters, and also makes streamed music available to the casual listener.

The network was built by Chris Rockwell Breshears of The Daily Download and designed by Sue Fleming with the help of C.C. Chapman.

The network and PodShow seek to promote the work of artists, independent and signed alike, who embrace the podcasting idea and make their work available for broadcast and promotion by podcasters.

PMN definition of "podsafe"

Loosely translated, music licensed through Podsafe Music Network (PMN), the podsafe music repository run by the PodShow podcasting network, is podsafe (as of 2005 November 21) in that the music can be played by any user from its website, may be downloaded only by podcasters intending to use the work in a broadcast or by users intending to create a similarly licensed and properly attributed derivative work (mash-ups are explicitly allowed), and may be used for free in a public podcast or streamed webcast, if properly attributed as set forth in the terms. Of course, to legally post music to PMN, the poster must fully own the work, the work must be entirely original (with little exception), and the poster must retain most rights to the work, despite any prior or future legal agreements. PMN does not currently deny the same rights to commercial podcasters, and, since it is owned by a commercial podcast network, it may not be inclined to do so in the future.[1]

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