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URL http://www.popsugar.com/
Commercial? Yes
Type of site Blog
Owner Sugar Publishing
Launched March 2005
Current status Active

PopSugar.com is Sugar Publishing’s celebrity news and gossip site. Founded in March 2005, the blog is based in San Francisco, California, and differentiates itself from other gossip blogs by refraining from posting “snarky” commentary about the celebrities it follows.

PopSugar is the flagship site for the Sugar Network, which now includes nine additional sites.



PopSugar was originally edited by Lisa Sugar, who created the site as a hobby to satisfy her obsession with celebrities and fashion.[1] Credited with running some of the first photos of Renée Zellweger’s surprise marriage to Kenny Chesney, the site’s traffic took off and its popularity began to grow. Upon the formation of Sugar Publishing, Sugar became the company’s editor-in-chief and several anonymous editors were hired to edit the site.

In January 2007, Molly Goodson, the founder and editor of Mollygood, announced that she was leaving her namesake site to join PopSugar.[2]


PopSugar publishes between 25-28 posts daily, Monday through Friday, and includes links to other Sugar Network site content throughout each day. A handful of new stories are posted on weekends.

The site’s content features up-to-the minute news, candid photos and magazine photoshoots, major event recaps, celebrity interviews, “Pop on the Street,” video comments, daily features (polls, celebrity “Guess Who?,” etc.) and highlights of the best of other gossip blogs/sites.

Category and function

The main categories of the website are 'PHOTOS', 'CELEBS', 'FEATURES', 'COMMUNITY', 'GAMES' and 'ABOUT'. Under these main categories, the items are well classified by celebrities' names, most recently written, most viewed and most commented. Under the 'COMMUNITY' category, there are three items, including 'group', 'blog' and 'forum'. Besides providing updated information around all things that interested by woman spere, the website provides other social bookmarking functions which help users to create their online community. These functions include, 'Latestest Activity of your friends', 'Show Friends', 'Show who befriended you' ,' Invite your friends', 'who's online', 'live chatroom', 'message board & forums', 'Bookmark', 'Sale Alerts'. Moreover, users can also share their videos and photos. Every pages are provided with RRS feeds so that the user can subscribe and keep themselves updated with the website. The news and gossips about the celebrities got lot of comments and feedback. It shows that users actively engage in using the website.


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