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Premium Rich Media (PRM) is the term used for online advertising that incorporates the use of photorealistic 3D, flash technologies and interactive online applications. It is incorporated into emerging advertising platforms such as in-game advertising, 3D widgets, and mobile advertising. PRM provides the necessary technology to transmit the marketer’s message directly to the consumer’s mobile phone or desktop, where they can effortlessly interact with the marketer’s brand.

Today the majority of online advertising is dominated by simple flash and GIF animations, but PRM is increasingly being adopted by marketers who want to identify and connect in a Web 2.0 world. [1] A Rich Media study conducted by InsightExpress compared typical Rich Media with PRM and the results showed “user engagement and interaction are significantly improved in ads that leverage video and “richer” Rich Media compared with GIF and simple Flash Rich Media advertisements…” [2]

Unicast was the first Rich Media provider to employ High Definition 3D (HD3D) technology in online ad campaigns, pioneering the use of Premium Rich Media. Its HD3D "Rich Media without limits" self-promotional campaign was awarded the Stevie Award for Best Online Ad Campaign in the 2007 International Business Awards.[3]


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