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Private label rights is a concept similar to reselling, but the merchant is permitted to modify the product to fit his or her needs. Typical PLR products are articles, reports, eBooks, and autoresponders. This kind of content is used for the purpose of allowing multiple buyers to invest in the content with free rein to alter and use it by claiming authorship of it. It is typically used in online affiliate marketing systems.


Use in Online Marketing

As Product

An online merchant may lack a product of their own to sell and may purchase PLR media as a substitute. Typically, the product takes the form of an e-book or software. The PLR-reseller modifies the contents of an e-book and resells it under their own name. PLR software may perform various functions such as scraping Craigslist for wanted ads or managing email marketing. In short, a PLR-producer sells content to a PLR-reseller who modifies and sells it to a customer who may or may not be a PLR-reseller as well.

As Advertising

PLR media is also used to generate web traffic to other websites, as part of affiliate marketing or spamming. A common tactic is to buy short PLR articles, rewrite some of the content, add an affiliate link, and post the changed content to an article directory. Websurfers passing through will then click on said affiliate link while browsing for information. These articles can also be used as teasers on websites to convince viewers to purchase a product. Videos may also be editable by the merchant and used for advertising.

PLR website-generating software produces generic landing pages for the purpose of selling PLR-produced products or affiliate marketing. These pages allow the customer to sign up for email lists or contact the merchant by phone.


PLR products are generally affordable because the content is shared among many buyers. It is feasible to find PLR for one dollar per page compared to the cost of hiring a ghostwriter to create unique content. Turning a PLR package into a new product or rewriting it is often much cheaper and easier with higher quality PLR products.

PLR products inhabit specific niches or sites that provide multiple niches, from marketing to wedding planning.


Quality varies among PLR providers. Some content needs to be rewritten because the writing itself was poor, possibly written by a foreign speaker, or the content is inaccurate.


While Private Label Rights allow the purchaser to modify the content, the right to modify and redistribute PLR is not always limitless. Each provider will have different rules. Some require the buyer to modify the PLR content, while others do not. Possible restrictions include:

  • Posting the PLR content at Article Directories
  • Using it as website content
  • Breaking it up into blog posts
  • Bundling it and selling or giving it away as bonuses
  • Posting it in ezines/autoresponders
  • Using it as a marketing article
  • Referring to it as research already done; Base new content from it
  • Using it to create an E-Report/E-book with affiliate links
  • Using the information to provide free link exchange articles with similar sites

These restrictions are meant to limit the overall supply of content. PLR-providers have their own sales limit; only allowing a set number of PLR-resellers to purchase a particular package. If too many PLR-resellers use or sell the content, it becomes valueless.

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