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PukiWiki is a Japanese Wiki software written in PHP, originally started as a fork of another WikiWikiWeb clone known as "YukiWiki", written in Perl. Due to its small base-install size, PukiWiki is considered a "lightweight" wiki application which also allows for expansion using its plug-in framework which allows for more advanced features seen in other wiki applications. With its default installation, PukiWiki uses flatfile storage of page and user information referenced by md5 hashes, which are used as unique identifiers.

The project was originally founded by an PHP programmer nicknamed "yu-ji", whom after founding the project in 2001 developed for two years on the project before handing it over to its current developers.


  • Written in PHP.
  • 2 byte wide characters strings including kanji characters are supported.
  • InterWiki feature is supported.
  • Periodical Backup is supported.
  • All data is stored in text format, but through plug-ins MySQL and other backends are supported. (binary files can be attached to any page.)
  • Distributed under the GPL Licence.

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