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File:Quamut logo.jpg
URL http://www.quamut.com/
Commercial? Free, but with ads by Google AdSense
Type of site Informational with some user generated content
Registration Not required
Available language(s) English
Owner Barnes & Noble
Launched March 2008
Current status Active

Quamut is a collection of how-to guides launched in March 2008 by the bookstore chain Barnes & Noble. The core line of guides are all editorially written but there is also a section of user-contributed wiki guides. Quamut is the Latin for how-to and is pronounced kwómut.

Like its competitors Google Knol, Squidoo, and WikiAnswers, it generates revenue by the placement of relevant advertisement using Google's AdSense program. Additionally, Quamut guides are sold online as PDFs, and a selection are available for purchase as laminated charts in Barnes & Noble stores and from bn.com.

In August, 2009 Barnes & Noble shut down Quamut, though the print charts continue to be available.


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