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File:Logo qc.png
Developer(s) Open Solution
Stable release 3.1 / July 15, 2008; 176401103 ago
Operating system Cross-platform
Type E-commerce
License Creative Commons Attribution 2.5
Website http://opensolution.org/?p=Quick.Cart

Quick.Cart is a freeware shopping cart software. It is written in PHP, so it runs on most internet servers. It does not require using SQL-type database as it writes all data to secure text files. It makes this tool easy to install. Quick.Cart is made for rather small and medium-sized shops. While adding more than 2000 products it can work slower.


The general features includes:

  • products management,
  • pages and subpages management,
  • orders management,
  • shipping and payment management,
  • languages management,
  • searching products,
  • sending and printing orders.

Quick.Cart is based on templates system so it is easy to change script's design without integration in its functionality.In order to do so, you have to upload some files on server.

Features: Quick.Cart has built-in many basic options, but if you need some more advanced functionalities, it can be insufficient. As it is quite easy to change design, while modifying mechanism of this tool, you need php skills.

Standards :

  • compatible with XHTML 1.1,
  • WAI
  • compatible with settings of most popular servers.

It is also possible to extend application's functionality by plugins installation.


It is supported by a web forum, where most problems concerning Quick.Cart are discussed. There is also documentation on the official page for Quick.Cart. It contains a description of Quick.Cart and some basic modifications.

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