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File:Logo qcms.png
Developer(s) Open Solution
Stable release 2.1 / May 13, 2008; 181844425 ago
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Content Management System
License Creative Commons Attribution 2.5
Website Quick.Cms

Quick.Cms is a free content management system based on a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 licence. It is written in PHP, so it runs on most internet servers. It does not require using SQL-type database as it writes all data to secure text files (plain text). It makes this tool easy to install.



The general features includes:

  • adding pages (in different languages) and subpages (with no depth limit),
  • photos and files management,
  • meta data specified for each page,
  • WYSIWYG or default editor for descriptions fields,
  • language files manager.

Design (logic and presentational layers are separated from each other, so it is possible to change design without PHP knowledge):

  • possibility to change site design in selected page (themes),
  • possibility to change template file in selected page (templates),
  • background banner specified for each page.

Standards :

  • compatible with XHTML 1.1,
  • compatible with WAI.

It is also possible to extend application's functionality by plugins instalation.


Most problems concerning Quick.Cms are solved by a web forum. Two books were published in Polish describing the tool. There is also documentation on the official homepage of Quick.Cms containing descriptions of the application and basic modifications that can be performed with it.


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