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RF Generation
File:RF Generation logo.png
File:RF Generation home.png
URL http://www.rfgeneration.com/
Slogan "Put it on channel 3"
Commercial? No
Type of site Gaming
Registration Optional
Available language(s) English
Created by Laurel Settee, Michael Collins, Mark Hartholt, Eddie Herrmann, Mike Leon, and Rick Kuethe[1]
Launched June 8, 2004

RF Generation is a video gaming website that collects information, images and statistics related to video games and video game hardware both past and present. Games and hardware developed in every region around the world are featured for the public to view, track and search for information. The website's purpose is to allow registered members to display their collection, trade, buy and sell with other members and ask for advice and expertise from highly knowledgeable staff, collectors and gamers from around the world. Registration is free and so are all of the services and features the site has to offer and is available to anyone with an interest in gaming.

Currently RF Generation has over 150+ different sections in the database covering games and hardware ranging everything from the Magnavox Odyssey from 1972 to Nintendo's Wii and other new video game systems currently on the market as well as classic and modern computers and handheld devices.

As of December 17, 2008, the site contains within its database approximately:

Member and staff submissions for new game additions, hardware additions, variations of existing entries as well as filling in information and images are automated using pre-made scripts for convenience and uniformity allowing fast implementation into the database as well as ease of use for everyone.

Among the many features that RFGen offers video gamers and collectors alike are:

  • Forums for discussion, commerce, pursuit of knowledge and friendly chatter.
  • Weekly front page content and RSS feeds including weekly featured games, blog entries, gaming news, site announcements and current database statistics.
  • Browser based arcade with over 150 games including classics like Tetris, Pac-man and many more. As part of that there's a sub section of the forum dedicated to challenging other players and post high scores for both the browser arcade and gaming systems of all types.
  • Collection tools for members to track both their games and hardware, trade with others, make notes and display their games publicly with 5 meg of space for pictures to showcase their collection as well.
  • System checklists are available in PDF format to supplement these tools by offering a way to view and print lists based on a member's ownership and as complete lists of each system's game library.
  • FAQs to help new members easily use all of the site's features and scripts and a full team of staff to answer any questions they may have or suggestions they'd like to share.
  • Links to friendly websites, video game resources and affiliates as well as banners for use in both RF Generation's forum and others that both promote the site, and show off a member's collection in their signature.
  • Personal blogs to allow members to journal their hobbies, interests and personal commentary both gaming and non-gaming related.


RF Generation was founded on April 28, 2004, by Michael Collins, Mark Hartholt, Eddie Herrmann and Laurel Settee -- some of whom were former staff members of the now-defunct Video Game Bible. A very important part of the site's founding belief was making sure that everyone and anyone who helped was properly thanked and credited for anything they contributed.

On the morning of June 8, 2004 the website was officially announced and became accessible to the public. Some items were still being worked on at the time, but the message boards were set up for users to access. A few hours later a temporary version of the rest of the website was uploaded. This was to fill the gap while the framework for the database was being edited.


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