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RatchetSoft, LLC[1] is a U.S Software company that develops desktop integration solutions that allow software users to integrate external data sources into existing desktop and browser-based applications without requiring changes to these existing applications. RatchetSoft is a New York formed partnership headquartered in Manhasset, New York.

The company was founded by Joe Labbe and George Weihs (both former USWeb and Primordial executives), in April 2003.

RatchetSoft's flagship product is called Ratchet-X.[2] Ratchet-X allows software users to transform existing, seemingly static applications, into dynamic mashups that acquire new features and incorporate new streams of data from external data sources. The current version of Ratchet-X is version 3.5.

In December 2007, RatchetSoft released a free version of the Ratchet-X platform called Ratchet-X Community Edition geared towards individual developers and SMBs.


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