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RealClimate is a commentary site (blog) on climatology by a group of climate scientists. It describes its goal as providing a quick response to developing stories and providing the context sometimes missing in mainstream commentary. The discussion is intended to be restricted to scientific topics and to avoid political or economic implications of the science. [1]

The web hosting for RealClimate is provided by Environmental Media Services, a non-profit public relations firm, though RealClimate states they exercise no control over the content.



The creation of RealClimate was noticed by the editorial board of the academic journals Science and Nature.[2][3]

In 2005, the editors of Scientific American recognized RealClimate with a Science and Technology Web Award.

In 2006, Nature compiled a list of the 50 most popular blogs written by scientists, as measured by Technorati. RealClimate was number 3 on that list.[4][5]


The members of RealClimate are:[6]

Other climate scientists contribute to RealClimate as guest columnists.

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